You can set the Superstars in the General Tab in the Settings menu. You can use up to 12 stars rather than using only one, and many click on the star by a message will cycle through them.


You can make use of these superstars for splitting your work and home emails, or make messages that are urgent, sort them by a category, or flag a message for reminder. You can use the star as a search query too! If you want to search for green stars, you can use the “has:green-star” search string. This can serve as filter or multiple inbox. You can hover any star to check the associated search code.


Setting Up Your Pre-work in

May 3, 2013

This post will help you setup your pre-work: Go to the settings by hitting the Gear icon on the right side of the dashboard. Then hit Labs, and activate the following: Background Send You do not want to wait for an email to send. This feature lets your send mails in the background while you […]

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